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Microeconomics: An Introduction to Economic Efficiency

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Welcome to ECO 211 - Microeconomics


All students in ECO 211-008 will use the Blackboard site: ECO 212 008 MICROECONOMICS (Spring 2013).

All students must log-in to our Blackboard website, study the syllabus, and take the required 5-point, online, "Syllabus Quiz" before 11:59 p.m., Monday, January 21. The syllabus quiz may be taken as many times as necessary and only the highest score will be counted..


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This course will cover the area of economics commonly defined as microeconomics which is concerned with the individual parts of the economy such as individual businesses or industries, individual consumers, and individual products. Our goal is to study whether the economy uses our limited resources to obtain the maximum satisfaction possible for society. We will concentrate on three goals: ALLOCATIVE EFFICIENCY, PRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY, and EQUITY.


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