Measures of Economic Development

  1. GNP per capita
  2. Population Growth
  3. Occupational Structure of the Labor Force
  4. Urbanization
  5. Consumption per capita
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Social Conditions
    • literacy rate
    • life expectancy
    • health care
    • caloric intake
    • infant mortality
    • other














More Developed Countries (MDC)
Less Developed Countries (LDC)
Developed Countries
Underdeveloped Countries
Industrialized Countries
Agricultural Countries
First World*
Third World *
Have Nots
Rich Countries
Poor Countries
The North
The South
Industrially Advanced Countries (IACs)
Less Industrialized Countries

* If there are First World Countries and Third World countries, where is (was) the Second World? (See textbook, p. 30.)